So, AU no one wanted, Pacific Rim edition… sort of

Okay so liek

Self-indulgent Pacific Rim AU

In which there was a rumor - an urban legend, really - of illegal organization kidnapping children and forcing them to merge and/or drift with kaiju. These so-called chimera children were used by the gang bosses to sniff out kaiju parts to sell. Rumor has it that rarely any of these children survived, and those who did only managed to live a few years at most, before either killing themselves or have their bodies completely break down under the pressure of the kaiju body parts.

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#haikyuu #kageyamatobio as an archer eeeey


Testing out a gift from a frand >u<)b

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Anonymous asked: imagine kageyama visiting hinata's grave and he says "I failed to make you invincible"


wanna make hq fanzine //rollroll

Scanned and touched up this nerd's bday presento <3

jggirl asked: I have some friends who love to draw and paint. But sometimes they can't draw even when they want to so they try and force it. Any advice I can give them please

Well, it depends on what they do.

If they are drawing as a hobby, tell them to sit down, unwind, relax and take some time off. If they can’t draw, then forcing it is going to make it worse and they will grow very frustrated. Take a while off, and when inspiration comes again, it would be a bit easier.

If they are trying to draw as a career, tell them to sit their butts down and draw. It doesn’t matter if it all comes out as scribbles or garbage, because they have to draw from discipline, not motivation. Make them do quick sketches or gestures if nothing else works, but make sure they draw something everyday.

But most importantly, fish thinks they need to hear someone say that it will be okay, that no matter how long it takes, inspiration will come back, so they just need to hang in there until that happens.

Fish wishes both you and your friends the best of luck!

So, AU no one wanted, pt. 2

Once upon a time, there was one grumpyass baby
His name is Kageyama Tobio
lil Tobes has THE shittiest personality
And he has wrinkles from frowning and pouting by the time he turns 5 or something
so one of his caretaker gave him a teddy bear to carry around, right
and it’s p cute
but then
the bear started to talk

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switch around meme with fish and dooly

blank template: (x)

Eyyyyyyyyyy it was really awesome doing this meme with these guys! >U<)b

You have permission to flirt with me anonymously. Starting now.





I got one ;-;

Please? This looks fun

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Anonymous asked: Hey fish I am a freshman in high school and my elective is Art. But everyone is better than me and I'm having a hard time... What should I do? Did u that any art classes?

Hi Nonny!

First of all, don’t worry, okay? Everything is going to be alright. You’re only a freshman, you still have so much time to work on your skills. Art is something that continually grows and improve but it needs time, so where you are now is definitely not the best of your ability!

Second, don’t worry about other people. Focus on yourself and make a list of what you would like to improve on. Systematically work through exercises to improve these technical skills. Take it easy, go through everything slowly, deliberately, and carefully. Fish firmly believes that when one artist says someone is better than s/he is, what the artist means to compare is the level of technical skills. In terms of imagination, fish thinks everyone is incredible. So just work slowly, build up your technical skills so that you can confidently lay your imagination into existence.

Most of the improvement in art is just the product of repetition. Once you learn something new, you won’t be able to make use of it immediately. Keep at it until you’ve master it; there’s no other way.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you probably will never be able to catch up to your idols. While you’re working on your stuff, they’re working on theirs. And they’re probably improving at an even faster rate than you are. However, that doesn’t mean that all your work is meaningless. Measure against yourself and where you were, and persistently chase after the people you admire. Even though you can’t catch up to them, you will improve yourself along on the way, and that’s the important thing. Look at their work and take note of what it is that they do that makes it so impressive, and think about how you can translate that into your own visual language. Visual language is a form of communication, and just like you would with, say, Spanish or Sign Language, you won’t be fluent in it unless you practice using it over and over again.

One last thing: even pros can only probably get about 80% of what they imagine out into existence. That means you would probably get even less. So, don;t be disappointed when you don’t get what you imagined in your head. Work with what you got out on paper, not despite it.

Fish wishes you the nest of luck and that you see lots of improvements by the end of your class!


Stamp carvers are so cool feesh wanted to try Q<Q

Touched up one of the train doodles QuQ
One day fish will draw something other than fluffy messes //sobs

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Anonymous asked: Well because you're using fish self pronouns... I thought there was another fishkin I could talk to >.<

Ah, sorry for the confusion, Anon! Fish is used to using third-person pronouns on the internet QUQ)b

Anonymous asked: You don't have to swim to identify as an animal. So you're not otherkin?

Oh, yeah, no. Fish didn’t know that was a thing?

Sorry Anon QUQ)b