there is literally no plan and/or directions on this and it’s already starting to sound a lot like regret but fish ain’t about to develop common sense now so fuck it.jpg

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Happy birthday, you dork prince uwu



Why in the ever loving heck does anyone even follow fish srsly—

One day fish will finish this //raughs

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So, AU No One Wanted, Pt. 3

But ye so, the lines for this AU are “You are stardust, ancient and brilliant. You are liquid air and forged iron and everything else, free and strong and invincible, so believe in yourself, then believe in me, and fight.” and “You were once a star, so I’ll keep fighting until I can see you shine and we will both be free.”
AU in which Hinata is an astronaut who somehow survived his spaceship wreck, Kageyama was punished by the gods to push a shooting star across space in solitude and forever bound until he has pushed the star through the entire universe.

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Haikyuu!! Secret Santa!


Heavily influenced by the knbsecretsanta from last year, I thought, why not organize one for the Haikyuu!! fandom too?

I know it’s still September but we all know that before you know it it’ll be already Christmas so I figured it’s better to start early to give enough people time to apply and prepare!

Everyone is free to participate but there are some rules to follow because we all want to make this work with as little trouble as possible, right?


  • All submissions go to hqsecretsanta
  • When you are joining please make sure you can finish before the deadline which will be a few days before Christmas! If you cannot make it for some reason, please me sure to tell me about it as soon as possible.
  • As the event is called Secret Santa, don’t tell the person that you are their santa as is takes the fun away!
  • It also discouraged to post it somewhere where the person might see it before the 25th of December. (If you do want to post it somewhere online, please make sure it’s not accessible by outsiders.)
  • You can gift just about anything and everything, as long as it’s related to Haikyuu and you think the person you got will like it. You can also send in multiple gifts!
  • If you’re drawing, please don’t just make a sketch. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece worth hanging up in the Louvre but just make sure it looks like a finished work as much as you can.
  • If you’re writing a fic, please don’t just make a drabble. I won’t count every word but I believe a minimum of around 1000 words should be acceptable.
  • The person you get will be assigned randomly, so please make sure you’re okay with anyone you get even if you would have liked to get your friend/partner/grandmother/someone else instead. This is mainly to give other people happiness after all!!
  • Last but not least, be creative and have fun!!


  • The announcement post is made today, on September 19th. People have 1 month time, till the 19th of October at 12pm GMT, to apply, rethink if they want to join and spread this post around.
  • The santas will receive the person they give a present to between the 19th and 21st of October.
  • The santas have time until the 20th of December to send in their gifts. If a few days before the deadline you think you will need a bit more time, please contact me.
  • The gifts will be revealed on the 25th of December.

Here you will find how to apply!

If you have questions don’t be shy to send an ask!

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draw karasuno, fish said.

it’ll be fun, fish said

screw you fish

//lies down and thinks about haikyuu a lot

v srs kagehina basketball!au

Anonymous asked: Hey Fish! Okay so, I know you have a post talking about the supplies you use but I can't find it! Could you please point it out to me? Thank you!

Fish gets most of her stuff at UArt, but that’s because she’s got a student discount there heehee— You can look on DickBlick’s website and order most of the stuff there as well! QUQ)b

dorkishima asked: Can I just say that I absolutely love the way you color? Omg it's so pretty

Oh, thank you very much! Fish is very flattered to hear that! /)///U///(<3

uh— happy (late) kagehina day (????)

Okay so yesterday fish was in fig. drawing 2, right front and center like the little nerd fish is, following along with lecture and participating like the good little student fish was supposed to be, and then there he is, Kageyama Nerdlord Tobio, on fish’s note page, in full view of practically the whole class. Fish has problems.