Anonymous asked: CAN I JUST SAY YOUR ARTWORK (ESPECIALLY THE WATERCOLOUR ONES) ARE SU P ER AMA ZING LIKE HOw dO YoU eV e n ur like one of my main inspirations u wu

Oh gosh, thank you Anon! Fish is honored to be one of your inspirations. Fish hopes you’ll find many successes with your art, as well, and let’s continue to draw together! >w<)/)

So fish has been informed today that Earth Day is really a thing OTL

Finally got around to scanning and fixing some stuff //rolls

One day it would be nice to see these guys as prints or in a book though uwu


Yes hi hello Anon dear fish would like to say that you are really sweet for taking time to look through fish’s artsu and sending fish such a nice message and fish is just pretending to be cool shhhhh but thank you very much!

More or less done //chokes self

Ink vs watercolor


#watercolor #closeup #detail #haikyuu #kagehina

Dumb scribble comic lolol

Props to the tsundere king of secondhand embarrassment for dealing with this child everyday and not short-circuiting since he’s like the cutest thing since kittens in teacups uwu

No but— kagehina multiverse AU where they keep coming together but missing each other and then reincarnate and keep looking for each other until they finally both remember each other from all their past lives fall in love and come together properly before they get to spend a life together and then die peacefully finally

Aaaaw ;A;) Fish missed you the last time too! Fish deserves an award for bad timing or something Q~Q


Since y’all are more likely to read this if there’s something pretty next to it =<= If you run into fish, call out fish or salmon or fish’s URL or something and let’s talk about fandom and trade doodles (???) Fish will wear something identifiable quq)/) #ink #doodle

Probably around noon or so! Fish will wear something identifiable >u<)~

Is anyone going to Japan Town in San Francisco this Saturday? OuO)/)

30 Day Haikyuu!! Challenge!


Try not to repeat anyone too often~! 

  1. Your favourite character. 
  2. The character you first fell in love with. 
  3. The character you gradually warmed up to. 
  4. Your favourite non-Karasuno character (or Karasuno character if your favourite character isn’t from Karausno). 
  5. Your favourite team. 
  6. Your favourite volleyball position. 
  7. Your favourite wing spiker. (WS)
  8. Your favourite middle blocker. (MB)
  9. Your favourite setter (S). 
  10. Your favourite libero (Li). 
  11. Your favourite team captain. 
  12. Your favourite manager. 
  13. Your favourite non-player character. 
  14. Your favourite friend/ship. 
  15. Your favourite animal representation (crow, cat, owl, eagle, etc.)
  16. Your favourite uniform. 
  17. Who would you have on your volleyball team? 
  18. How would you fair on a volleyball team and which position?
  19. Beach volleyball! How would it go? 
  20. Alternate universe of your choice. 
  21. Crossover of your choice. 
  22. Personality swap of your choice (between as many people as you wish!) 
  23. Draw a tall Hinata (bonus if taller than Kageyama.)
  24. The character that you relate to the most. 
  25. The character that touched you the most. 
  26. The character that underwent the most development. 
  27. The character you want to be friends with. 
  28. The character you think is the most underrated. 
  29. Wild card- something of your own choice. 
  30. Last day! Anything to say to the cast if you could meet any/all of them? 

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Ranting lolol
No but— srsly pls talk to fish; fish wanna be part of the fandom too QuQ)b
Is it fish’s face? Is that it?

mieudiary asked: Prussia and America ^ q ^/

  1. Who would win in a fight - Gonna go with America and his ridiculous strength >u>
  2. Who would be a better roommate - Prussia! Fish thinks he’ll be the one who will always be up to pulling dumb pranks on everyone else in the together with fish hurrhurr
  3. Who’s better in bed - They are both bumbling, clumsy idiots orz
  4. Who I’d pick to be my presidential running mate - Prus s  i     a (???) Can either of them be trusted with actual business?
  5. Whose shoulder I’d cry on - Ameribabu >u>
  6. Who would make a better parent - Prussia would be the crazy dad with unexpectedly good life advice, and America would be the fun but stupid dad that spoils the living heck out of his kid, so— Prussia maybe? xD
  7. Who I’d rather date - 'Meribabu <u<